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Dr. Manuela R. Kieninger

Dr. Manuela R. Kieninger was awarded the Otto-Hahn medal 2016 by the Max Planck Society for the first demonstration of molecular and genetic switch mechanisms regulating phenotypic plasticity in animals. She is now employed at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge University, UK.

Dr. Vladislav Susoy

Dr. Vladislav Susoy was awarded the Ph.D. prize of the Reinhard and Maria Teufel Stiftung 2016 for his demonstration of the macro-evolutionary potential of phenotypic plasticity using mouth-form diversity in nematodes as case study. Dr. Susoy is now employed at the Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

Dr. Xiaoyue Wang

Dr. Xiaoyue Wang was awarded the Otto-Hahn medal by the Max Planck Society 2012 for the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying vulva induction in Pristionchus pacificus and the demonstration of “developmental systems drift” as a general principle underlying the evolution of developmental processes. Dr. Wang is employed now at the Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg.

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